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There are hundreds of thousands of unique English words. Finding, choosing and honing the right words, style and tone to convey the right message can be a challenge, especially with a deadline peeking over the horizon.

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We offer a strong variety of writing and editing services.

Bernard Marrocco is a professional writer and editor, uniquely combining technical knowledge and experience with a deep appreciation of the well-written and well-spoken word. His extensive background in academics, technology, industry, management, process engineering, government projects, project management and creative writing will be used to make your message shine.

Your product may be a textbook, government document, novel, learned journal article, pamphlet, web page, magazine piece, speech, training materials or something else entirely. Whether you're starting with a blank page, or with a set of ideas or requirements, or with text that needs a boost, we can help.

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Of all those arts in which the wise excel, Nature's chief masterpiece is writing well.—John Sheffield